How To Make An Affordable Wood Slat Wall For My Living Room

Do you want to change your living room decoration? Wood slat can create a different look in your living room.

Now, It is a very trendy decorative idea. Wood Slat is a mid-century concept which accepts every architecture to design homes and hotels.

If you wish to do it yourself at an affordable price, then keep reading till the end of this article.

Basic Of Wood Slat Wall

A wood slat wall is a vertical strip of wood that extends top to bottom of the wall. Each stripe is ½ or 2 inches wide. The width is your choice, as you want to make your living room wall. Here the significant factor is the color of the wall.

Please focus on that because color can damage all the plans. So you need to select the proper color according to the decoration of your room. Background color and wooden slat give an extra touch to your living room.

You can choose a dark color because wooden slats are bright, so you might choose a mate color that can create a dramatic look.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

First, you must decide how much plywood you need to decorate your walls. For easy planning, you can take 1” wood slats and spaces. Then, divide the width of the wall by two, which is the total number of slats you need.

You should purchase two pieces of ¾” x 4’ x 8’ birch plywood. Then, if you wish, you can purchase birch plywood that would be good for home improvement, furniture production and minor construction projects. Now, let’s start following steps to improve your wall design.

1st Step: Purchase and Cut The Plywood

Birch plywood is available in the local hardware store, go there and purchase exactly birch plywood. You can cut the plywood from the store for better handling. If you wish, you can take help from others to cut the plywood into 1” slats.

Be aware when you are working with power tools. It is very important to hold the power tool strongly. So, take extra care while cutting down the slats on each piece of plywood.

2nd Step: Sand The Plywood

This step is difficult because it is pretty impossible to make every slat smooth. However, it is important to do the finishing touch to create a better look. So start by sanding the cut edge of the plywood. The easiest way is to line all the pieces up and sand them using an orbital sander tool.

As soon as the sides and the top are sanded, a sanding sponge removes the plywood extract. Now, it looks smooth and ready to color.

3rd Step: Paint The wall

Make sure that you select a dark color for the living room wall. For example, you can select a royal blue, purple, cherry red, or black color. Plus, you may purchase a quality color because that makes the perfect look with birch slats.

You should apply two coats to the wall. Let  the wall completely dry before installing the wood slats.

4th Step: Color The Slats

Now, it’s time to color all the slats. For the stain, you can choose the golden oak color because this would create a goldish color in the wall against the dark color of the wall. If you don’t like the goldish touch on your living place, you can select a special walnut color; you will love this color combination.

Started to color both sides of each slat by using a paintbrush. Don’t use anything except a brush because it does a much better job of coloring the slats beautifully. When one side is colored and dry, apply the color on the next side of the slats. Then let the stain dry overnight.

5th Step: Arrange All The Slats

Now, you have to arrange all the slats to cut the length of the slats to ensure all the slats are the same size. Therefore, cut the slats carefully using a miter tool because if you make a mistake, then the size of the slats will be different.

When you finish the cutting job, ensure that every slat is the same.

6th Step: Install The Slats On The Wall

This is the crucial part of the process because the space between every slat should be accurate; otherwise, it will fail. So how to install every slat by leaving the same space?

You can use a finishing nailer and construction adhesive to secure the slat. Make several small dots on wood slats using construction adhesive on the wall, ensuring the spacer is tight between the two slats. Put the nails in at a side angle and alternate directions.

Once the slat is secured, then remove the spacer. This Step is very important; therefore, doing this with full concern.

7th Step: Last Step

If the wall has any outlets for plug-in television, then cut the slat those spaces. If you wish, you can apply a single coat of polyurethane with a satin finish on the front surface of each slat. 

Conclusion: Enjoy The Beauty

Wood slat is one of the affordable wood slats that make the room feel much richer. Hopefully, you will love it so much.

This is one of the trendy home decor ideas that most people love adding to their bay window or bedroom.

If you have any queries, you can ask by commenting below. Or, if you wish to know more affordable and fashionable home decor ideas, look out for our website.