The Many Applications of Concrete Wall Panels

Concrete is a popular material for residential builders in Florida. It is not uncommon for a new home’s shell, or at least the first floor, to be fabricated entirely from concrete. But then builders go ahead and cover up the concrete both inside and out. Meanwhile, concrete wall panels are the latest and hottest thing in interior design. What gives?

Florida home builders choose concrete over typical stick construction due to the Sunshine State’s tendency to be hit with hurricanes. Elsewhere though, concrete has aesthetic appeal. Companies like Salt Lake City’s Modern Craftsman create concrete wall panels as an alternative to drywall and wood.

Concrete wall panels are only the start of Modern Craftsman’s menu of services. Regardless, they say the applications for concrete wall panels are too numerous to quantify. A few of them are described below.

Concrete Wall Panels at Home

We normally associate concrete with commercial construction. In the residential arena, however, there is plenty of room for custom-designed concrete wall panels. Let us start with the living room and a customized fireplace. Concrete replaces brick as a material for enclosing the flue and chimney. It is also an ideal material for both hearth and mantel.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom, concrete wall panels are ideal for surrounding custom concrete showers and tubs. Concrete is an excellent alternative for tile anywhere in your bathroom. It looks clean and modern, which is exactly what a 21st-century bathroom needs.

The Kitchen

There aren’t as many applications for concrete panels in the kitchen. Nevertheless, they do exist. Any place you would normally install tile is a candidate. For example, imagine a concrete backsplash. It would look every bit as modern and stylish as subway tile. Pair it with a concrete countertop and you have an entirely new look.

Other Residential Locations

Concrete wall panels throughout the home are mainly decorative. You could enhance a long hallway with paint on one wall and concrete panels on the other. Similar artwork on both sides would tie the two materials together. In other rooms, utilize concrete wall panels to create contrast walls, just as we already do with paint.

Concrete Wall Panels in the Office

The number of applications for concrete wall panels in commercial settings is far more numerous. Imagine a vestibule with a bank of elevators. The entire bank wall can be covered in concrete wall panels for an ultra-modern look. Concrete really makes stainless-steel elevator doors pop.

Reception Areas

Another prime location is the reception area. Concrete wall panels right behind the reception desk create a sense of prominence and importance. They can completely anchor the space. Combined with a concrete reception desk, well-designed wall panels create an image that inspires confidence in visitors.

Collaborative Spaces

Concrete wall panels are a fantastic asset in conference rooms and executive offices. They can add a bit of flair to public and collaborative spaces, too. The possibilities truly are endless.

Public Restrooms

Commercial property owners looking to spruce up their public restrooms might want to consider concrete wall panels as a replacement for stone and metal stalls. Stalls made of concrete will hold up just as well. They will also look good for years.

Perhaps you picked up on the fact that concrete wall panels can be installed just about anywhere. Any location that would normally accommodate drywall or wood paneling is a candidate for concrete. Concrete is a tough and long-lasting material that offers an aesthetic you will not get from any other material. It is hard to beat if you want your home or office to reflect modern design trends.