Diy Wood Slat Wall Ideas

A slat wall is a trendy idea to change your room’s appearance. You can use wood slat in the full wall or set a corner side of the wall to renovate the wall.

Many people use this idea to change their bedroom, living room, or office area to give some extra touch. No need to pay the extra money; you will implement this in your home on a budget.

If you wish to get some innovative ideas, then keep on reading till the end of the point of this article to get more.

Innovative DIY Wood Slat Wall Ideas

These days, the wood slat is considered mid-century modern architecture. It is mainly used in shops to display merchandise. Now, people use this in their homes to showcase their memories, plants, and collection of cultures.

So, let’s start to know different DIY ideas for wood slat walls.

1. Staircase Slat Wall

Staircase wood slat has two purposes. One is to separate the wall from the other, and the second one is to decorate the wall. You can use wood slats for both purposes.

In your living room, if you wish to separate the basin area, you can use that side for a wood slat. Some people use wood slats, to mention the dining area. The living room is a broad area where the dining table, basin, and sofa sets are placed. If you wish, you can easily add on a wood slat.

On the other hand, some people use their staircase area to showcase their achievements, memories, or collection of cultures. This is also a good idea if you don’t want to use the space of your living room or bedroom.

2. Horizontal Slat wall

A horizontal slat wall can occupy the whole wall. It would be best if you use half of the wall. This idea is also appropriate for an office room. A wood slat and floating desk is also a trendy combination to decorate your work area in the house. It is your choice to use the space of the wall. Still, if you are confused in deciding which side is best to apply wood slat, then we can say use the left side of the wall, or you can add wood slat ¼ in the wall. And add color, which makes a contrast against the wall. It will be more attractive as well as budget-friendly.

If you wish to use wood slats in your reception area of the office, then add 6 wood slats which will be placed from wall to ceiling. You can add light between the gaps of the slat that would create a marvelous look.

3. DIY wood Slat Wall Headboard

The bedroom is one of the significant parts of the house. You can use wood slat to change your old room. If you think where you should use wood slats, well, if you don’t have any space in your bedroom to apply wood slats, then just input the headboard of your bed.

It seems you have changed your bed. Or, if you empty space in the headboard wall, you can interestingly use that wall to change your bedroom.  First, color your bedroom wall and make sure that you use dark colors for the wood slat. Hang a wall picture that creates an amazing look in your bedroom.

4. Corner Wood Slat

If you don’t want to use your full space of the wall, or you have another plan to decorate your living room or study room, then just use a corner that will give a stunning look to your whole room.

Many celebrities use this idea to decorate their room. Add a wood slat on the corner area of the room, hang a wall light, and put a single couch with indoor plants; if you imagine the look, you may understand that it gives a classy touch to your room.

A green plant and wood slat make a great combination to create a different look in the room. That’s why people and celebrities like this idea.

5. Wood Slat Wall Outside

Do you want to change your house’s outside appearance? Don’t go anywhere; use wood slat at the outside wall of the house to make an amazing difference from other houses. Wood slat can be input anywhere; its wood color fits with any wall. If you like plants, then we will suggest you plant bonsai or indoor plants like money plant, pathos, Pilea Peperomioides, pink anthurium, and more. It gives nature and positive vibes.

6. Easy DIY Wood Slat In The Wall

The easiest way to change the look of your wall. You can use wood slat horizontally in the middle of the wall against the dark color. And placed a long indoor plant in the corner of the wall that gives a great look.

The plant has the ability to change the house or room instantly. So, don’t forget to apply this idea in your room or house.

If you use that wood slat, you can add some wood shelf to hold your beautiful picture frame or little plant, candles, etc.

Bottom Line: Gives A New Look

Wood slat wall is a very low-budget decoration idea that gives a wonderful look in your home and office too. You can use different wall lamps, pictures, and showpieces as per your choice to create a new look. Hopefully, this has been able to give you interesting wood slat wall ideas, if you wish to know more, you can check out our website.

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