Decorative Logic: Combining Beauty and Comfort

Home is so much more than the place you keep your stuff. It is your haven away from the busy world. It is where you reconnect with your spouse every day and touch base with your children. Thus, your home should be a place where you feel calm and soothed just to be in it.  

Securing a home loan is not the end of your search for the perfect home. You must also consider how much of a change you will need to bring to the new home to make it feel the right way. Will it be entirely decorated by professionals? Do you and your spouse plan to redecorate it by yourselves? How much of a say do the children get in choosing the decor?  

It might be easier to take a look at all the different options that are out there to make your home into a beautiful and comfortable place. This will help you to narrow down your options to what you like best. That way, it will be much easier to help your family make up their minds from a smaller list of choices that reflect your family’s tastes.            


Before you even get to the new home, the first thing you need to do is declutter your old house. It will be much easier to see what you will need in terms of decorative items and furniture if there is room to think and expand your ideas.  

Donate everything that does not evoke a strong emotional connection for you and your family. Even if you think you want it, if you have not used it for over six months, then it has got to go. The empty spaces in your new home will make it much easier to identify what you need and fill it with what you want.  

Pictures are Decorative  

Pictures of your family and friends are not just for keeping loved ones close or remembering fun memories. They can play a key role in the decoration of your new home as well.  

Use different sizes of photographs and have them professionally framed so that they look amazing. Place them in areas where people are unlikely to lean and consider clustering similar colors of photos together to create a pleasing visual effect.  

Paint Matters  

The right paint choices can brighten up a room easily. Use either matte paint or washable paint, depending on the room. Children’s rooms would benefit most from washable paint and reduce the chances of you losing your temper if they draw on the freshly painted walls. A large chalkboard paint wall is also a good way to give your children a creative outlet that does not mar the beauty of your home.  

Matte paint is good for light dispersal, so use it primarily in corridors and rooms with few windows to give it an additional hand at being bright without having to install too many lights.  

Contrast Is Fun  

Contrast can help a room avoid feeling boring or dull. Place candles and cushions in rows of three, but use different sizes and colors to give it a contrast.  

You can also decorate a room in different shades of the same color but use furniture or install a carpet that directly contrasts with it. This will allow you to have a nice soothing room that appeals to your aesthetic but without a monotonous effect.  

Hang Mirrors  

Large mirrors placed in strategic areas can help to make a room feel bigger and more open. They also help to make stuffy rooms feel airy and light.   Ensure the mirrors are attached to the wall as well as hung to make them as childproof as possible.  

Anchor Rugs  

Place anchor rugs with furniture to prevent slips by little running feet. Rugs look great on hardwood floors but can be a slipping hazard. This is why it is best to place them under a coffee table or have a heavy piece of furniture resting on at least one end of the rug to help it stay securely in place.  

This is also a good trick to give you the motivation to vacuum under your furniture regularly. We often ignore the underside of heavy furniture because it is a pain to move. However, you will be forced to do so to keep the rug clean and debris-free. You can then receive a two-in-one cleaning effort by having given yourself access to the area under the furniture item.  

Fake Crown Molding  

Crown molding can give a very elegant look to a room. However, it can also be expensive to put in by an artisan. Fake it by using stick-on crown molding and simply painting it a lovely color. You get the elegant effect for a fraction of the cost.

There are plenty of ways to decorate a home. Choosing the right materials and fixtures can make your space attractive as well as comfortable. Having some space where you and your family can express yourselves can make everyone feel more at ease. It also gives you more time to bond with one another.