Accentuate Your Home: 6 Trending Decorative Touches to Explore

There are so many dated home design touches that are still making waves on the internet. If you accidentally follow the wrong ones, your home can instantly go from the 2020s to the 2000s or worse, the 1990s. Some examples include tile countertops, shag carpets, wood paneling, Tiffany lamps, millennial pink, word art, nautical concepts, Tuscan kitchens, vertical blinds, popcorn ceilings, and glass blocks.

Contact the best mortgage companies and talk to them about the dream home you are envisioning. Tell them about your dream home—one that is modern, warm, and ahead of elegant trends. If you are worried your future home might look outdated, and you want to do some sprucing up without making significant changes to a property, here are some trendy but minimal home design touches you can explore.

Minimal Seasonal Decor

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, it’s time to do away with the over-the-top decor and styling from years past and focus more on simplicity and elegance. Instead of going for elaborate and scary characters and decorative accessories, just go for a pile of pumpkins of different colors and sizes. It’s simple but impactful, especially when strategically placed. The pumpkins will look exceptionally well with crisp white exteriors and plants with some vibrant flowers. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that less is more and simple is best.

Black Bathroom With Gold Accents

Another 2021 design trend you should explore is a black bathroom with gold accents. If your bathroom has plenty of natural light, there’s no reason to be afraid of using a darker main color for it since the natural light will balance it out. Another way to add some equilibrium to black or dark gray walls is by incorporating lighter and brighter accents like gold or rose gold hardware.

Warm, Earthy Tones

The warm neutrals trend has been around for a while, and understandably so: Earthy color palettes feel like an embrace to the occupants of the room, they’re timeless, and they show off the space’s textures and furnishings much better than vibrant colors. Moreover, too much color can instantly date your home, giving it a “teenager’s room from the 1980s” atmosphere. Explore this trend by painting your kitchen cabinetry with cream and taupe and finishing off the room by incorporating brown plants and rattan vases.

Black-framed Doors

Black framed doors, especially arched or round ones, are all the rage these days. They make the door look and feel industrial, even if the rest of the home is more traditional or classic. This type of door design can truly make a statement, conveying to your guests and neighbors that you have no qualms about trying new things. To make the door stand out, even more, you can opt for white windows and walls.

Stone Walls for the Interior

If there is one overarching trend for interiors in the early 2020s, it’s this:  A mix of vintage and modern. This means that any kind of touch that can incorporate a warmer and more rustic vibe is always welcome, as long as it is partnered and blended with more contemporary touches. One example of this rustic touch is stone walls for interiors. This organic look provides a stark contrast against the clean lines of white walls, making stone walls perfect for a fireplace or another focal point. To add even more drama to your space, mix the stone walls with wood materials and black accents to create the feeling like the indoors and outdoors are seamlessly blended.

Dramatic, Dark Exterior

Just like black bathrooms, the idea of a dramatic dark exterior may seem intimidating, but it can create a remarkable statement when done right. Black is sophisticated and dramatic, and it has a way of making the greenery and landscaping around it pop up even more. Dark exteriors also stand out from a sea of white, cream, and pastel houses, which have been par for the course for the past decade. If there is an edge to your taste and personal style and you don’t mind taking risks, consider turning the exteriors of your home black or something a bit darker.

Final Thoughts

Trends come and go, so if we want to be modern and stylish homeowners, we must stay up-to-the-minute on home design styles before they even hit the mainstream. There’s just something satisfying about being able to say we did it first. Follow some of the best interior designers in the business, observe their styles, and make them your own.