These Professionals Should Also Check Your Target House

Consulting home inspectors is a standard procedure when you buy a house. They look at the overall condition of the home you are looking to buy. And they are going to tell you whether the price is justified or too high for its condition.

During a home inspection, experts thoroughly examine the house’s physical structure and systems. They check from the floor to the roof. The duration may take a few hours, depending on the size of the house.

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, they list specific things to evaluate during the inspection. The list covers heating systems, air conditioning systems, electrical systems, and plumbing lines. They also look at the visible structure like the walls, roof, and foundation.

However, despite this extensive list, there are things that home inspectors might miss. And some of these problems can be quite costly if not addressed immediately. To avoid this possible dilemma in the future, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. It could be from other inspectors. But you could also go straight to other professionals whose expertise may offer help.

Geological Engineer

Doing an extensive check of the ground where your house stands is not part of an inspector’s job. If you are worried that it may cause future disasters, consult geological engineers.

You might be looking to renovate or construct additional structures. If that is the case, you need their expertise. Geological engineers are experts at this.

They can evaluate the current status of the soil and point out possible hazards such as landslides and water-related issues. Geological engineers can work together with your local safety office. This is to check historical records of the vicinity.

Pest Control Contractor

People don’t all pest control contractors only when a house is already infested. Experts can also foresee possible roots of infestation present in your home.

Some pest control contractors offer thorough home inspections. Suppose the property you’re looking to buy is made from wood. In that case, calling termite control professionals to inspect the foundation and walls is a good call.


A plumbing inspection is not included in home inspection services. They are going to check how old the pipes are. They are also going to list down things that may affect the plumbing system. However, checking more thoroughly is just not part of their job anymore.

It’s better that you enlist the help of plumbing professionals. They can do sewer pipes scoping for you. It is when they insert a tiny camera into the pipes to check the condition from the insides.

Swimming pools are also typically not included in home inspections. You may have them inspected by plumping experts for leaks and other water damages. You can ask them for recommendations on repairs and renovation.   


All home systems are essential, but electric systems are the most dangerous when neglected. For this reason, you want to be sure that the electric systems for the house are in top condition. If not, future problems may cause fire, injury, and property destruction.

Home inspectors only check for visual signs of damage on electrical systems. And when they find some, they are going to let you know about it. But they won’t be able to give your suggestions on what they can do to address the problem.

You can’t also do the inspection yourself. The voltage alone that the electric panel carries is fatal. Panels, wall outlets, circuits, and fixtures are included in the list to be checked by an electrician.

Your house can need some serious repairs. This is especially important if some of the electric components are old. Your electrician can educate you on the safest technology for your electrical system.   

Structural Engineer

An inspector may notice that the roofs are not in good shape anymore, but that is about it. The inspectors won’t be able to tell what repairs you should do and how much they cost.

You should have the house inspected by a structural engineer all at once. They can assess the foundation, the beams, and the posts. They can identify things that will compromise structural integrity in the long run. If you plan to add a second story or install solar panels, they are the right people to ask.

Your family’s safety is most important. Enlisting the help of experts is one way to prevent accidents. Once you settle everything, be sure to have a regular maintenance schedule. This maintenance schedule is both for your safety and peace of mind.