How to Move Long Distance Cheaply

The first step to moving long-distance cheaply is deciding on a destination. If you’re lucky, your new location will be relatively close to your current one. The more complex the move, the higher the cost of doing it will be. For example, if you plan on moving from New York City to Boston, you should expect to pay upwards of $5K-$7K for a move like this. This doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it, though!

Move During Off-Season

The summer months are a fantastic time for saving money on a long-distance relocation. The summer months are here, and the kids are no longer in school. You can get a head start on the fall and winter home maintenance that your property will require.

The disadvantage of moving during the summer is that everyone wants to do it. Seasonal housing prices are expected to go up during this period, and because they will rise significantly more than the previous year, it is also the costliest season to relocate. Moving companies take advantage of the fact that summer is the most profitable season to move by raising prices.

Choose to move during the off-peak moving months if your schedule permits. When your business is slowing down, moving companies may be able to provide you with a lower-cost long-distance relocation. It’s a wonderful time to move in the fall months, from late October through November. Moving companies gradually reduce their prices as the weather gets colder and the holiday season approaches. If you can move during these months, it’s an excellent time to relocate.

Renting Truck

Renting your own moving truck or van will cost less than hiring a moving company to perform the work for you. This is the ideal choice for individuals who live in flats or smaller houses and don’t have a lot of stuff to transport.

If you can stuff everything you need into a single U-Haul truck, you’ll save money on your move.

On average, a full-service professional moving you long distance will cost between $7,500 and $10,000. It will save you a lot of money if you decide to relocate yourself and hire a moving van.

When renting a moving truck, there are several fees to consider:

Truck rental firms that charge by day and kilometers; this is the method in which you can have your cargo delivered to a specific space. It’s ideal for individuals moving a smaller truckload and will not make many stops along the route. Smaller trucks are less expensive to hire daily. The average cost of a 10-foot moving truck is $20 per day, with a .99 cents per mile charge. A journey from Los Angeles to New York, for example, would set you back about $2,900 in rental costs and transportation expenses for a 10-day road trip.

A flat fee is charged for the entire journey by truck services with unlimited mileage, but compare quotations carefully before selecting this option. It’s not always more affordable. However, if you want to take detours or avoid highways and tolls during the relocation, a cargo transportation firm that charges a flat rate for the entire journey may be more cost-effective.

Renting a vehicle with a tow truck is often an additional cost. Some rental companies will even offer a rate for towing your vehicle with a dolly or automobile transport that hooks directly to the truck’s trailer hitch. Add-on packages that might run about $40 to $50 per day of travel are available for solo travelers. It will cost you more to hire a cab or bus, depending on how many miles you plan on traveling each day (and if your vehicle can endure long-distance driving). It would be more affordable to ask a friend or family member to drive your automobile to the location.

Make a budget for meals and accommodation. You can expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $100 each day if you don’t want these costs to get out of hand. Snacks to eat on the go might be helpful, but it also takes up room that you don’t necessarily have.

Watch for Moving Discounts

While shopping around, don’t forget to ask about any available savings. Some moving companies provide reduced rates at particular times of the year (usually during their slower seasons, such as winter), and special discounts are available to members.

Look for military discount moving companies if you are a veteran or active military member. The best moving company offers special rates for military personnel, veterans, and their families. They will also know what specific additional requirements you have for a military relocation. Military personnel can save money by renting from famous companies such as Budget Truck Rental.


You can’t beat the feeling of starting a new life in an exciting city. But most people don’t just have money lying around to move and need some creative ways to save. If you’re looking for cheaper moving options without sacrificing quality, we’ve got your back! Check out our guide on how to move long distances cheaply by using these simple tricks.