All About Real Estate Agents

One of the most critical decisions in life includes buying or selling property. The main issue that arises here is the lack of knowledge about the properties. Thus, to find or sell your property, you should hire a real estate agent who can further guide you throughout the whole process. 

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Who Are Real Estate Agents?

Real estate agents are those professionals who work with different clients and help them find the best suitable properties. We may call real estate agents “realtors” as well. But the realtor title is given to the agent or broker who is a member of the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and following its strict code of ethics. 

The real estate agents usually earn commission from the percentage of the selling price of the house. The payment is directly made to the real estate broker with whom the agent is working. Generally, 5%-6% of the home’s sales price is given to agents as a commission. 

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent?

The responsibilities and duties of real estate agents vary depending upon whether they are working with a buyer or seller. The tasks related to research, administration, and marketing are effectively accomplished by the agents in Brookfield Asset Management. But, before you choose a real estate agent, you must check whether they are meeting the following requirements.

Make sure that they have a valid real estate license

The license is proof of successful completion of education and examination. Also, it will help to determine the authenticity of the agent.

Agents must be active in the business

Agents who are actively engaged in the real estate business have more sense to solve the problems of the clients in an effective manner.

Agents must not be involved in unprofessional conduct

The agents should not have a record of official sanctions that address unprofessional behavior. Also, one needs to make sure they aren’t involved in bankruptcy cases.

Do Real Estate Agents Work Independently?

A real estate agent has to work under the supervision of a real estate broker. The brokers are responsible for the actions of agents. But, if the real estate agent wants to work independently without specific supervision, they have to obtain a broker’s license. 

Generally, the brokers or investors purchase franchised offices and obey the corporate rules and regulations. But the independent real estate agents aren’t affiliated with well-recognized corporate real estate companies. The independent agent’s office must follow the state and local rules to accomplish their job roles.


Real estate agents make the buying or selling process easier. According to a study, around 83% of house design sellers took assistance from agents for the sale process. Real estate agents not only find you a buyer or seller party but checks for offers and counteroffers along with the property.