Various Types of Duplex House Design

Now a day’s duplex house design has become very famous in the real estate world. Sometimes people get confused about the meaning of a duplex house. As they are often confused with 2- story building homes are a duplex house. Let us clear that, a duplex house is a residential building, which is constructed on two floors. In these types of houses, you will find a single dining room and a single kitchen. In the duplex house, has a common central wall and consists of two living units. That livings rooms can be side-by-side or on two floors, with separate entries.

While duplex house considered as two floors, but it is sold together. The owner of the duplex house can be an individual. This can have two separate entry points for both floors. In brief, a duplex house always has two floors, not three or four floors. In that case, it would be a multi story building.

Here we are going to suggest to you some ways to bring some wow factor into your Duplex House. You can get inspired by those ideas.

Can try different layouts

To design your duplex house, there is no rule of designing. It comes accordingly your needs and the distribution of functional areas. Mostly in duplex houses ground floor holds all the socializing spaces like, drawing room, bar area, lounge area, etc. and they keep bedrooms upstairs. But you can try different layouts according your comfort.

You can make open dining-cum-kitchen on the upper floor. There you can give big glass windows, which helps you in proper sun lighting. You can choose white color scheme for that or any light color according your choice. Proper sunlight will stream into the kitchen and dining area and the white shell helps keep the ambience inside the house airy, lighting and will give beautiful look to your duplex house.

You can make one bedroom along with your kitchen area on upper floor and one bedroom can make on ground floor along with living room. Or it can be living and kitchen on upper floor and two bedrooms can be make on ground floor. You can build it or design that accordingly your convenience. One thing which you should keep in your mind always is that arrangement of proper sunlight. When you are going to design your duplex house, do not ignore this point. Proper sun lighting has always enhanced the beauty of any house.

Can give entry in the house from the upper floor

Besides of the house entry from the ground floor, the entrance you can give from the upper floor into your duplex house. You can use first floor for the social space like, living room, bar, lounge, terrace, sunken deck, etc. Whatever you want to design in your duplex house as per your need and choice.

The lower level can use for dining room and all bedrooms. You can use glass doors or big glass windows. On the outside you can arrange some trees and plants, which will give nature friendly tone to your home.

Use the staircase as a unique feature

The staircase is the most important feature of any duplex house. Because it connects the two floors of the home. Think about the design that appeals and gives a unique touch to space. You can think about the free-standing spiral staircase in the middle of the room. Or you can choose a colored wall along with a staircase. That can be eye-catching and will give smart look to your duplex house.

Give special attention to tall walls

Almost duplex houses have high ceilings, you can use them for your experiments. On the big walls, you can make any design or art. You can use them as a tall water feature. Can even use for super-sized artwork. It will enhance the beauty of your duplex house. Along with that wall, you can make there a sitting area. You can keep in front of the wall a beautiful table and chair set or can keep a swing chair also. Do use some imaginations to enhance the beauty of your duplex house.

You can divide areas into smaller and intimate spaces

If your duplex house has a big open space then divide them into different section. For that you can use wooden dividers, which are available in the market. Or you can make them as per your choice and requirements. The big living room can be segregated into seating zones with a light wooden jail partitioning the kitchen and dining areas.

Make an indoor and outdoor connection

You can make some ceilings for your top floor with the help of glass. This is the one way to bring natural light into your duplex house. Skylights will also give the natural look to your house. This not only visually connects the upper and lower floors; it also provides a look at the outdoors. By this constant light will flow into the duplex house. This area can be on top of the staircases or it can be a corridor. You can make it a bright, welcoming space for your duplex house picture.

Design the outer with an eye-catching exterior

You can do experiments with the independent duplex house. Because they have taller and larger facades. So, you have large opportunities to experiment with your design. You can go with brick palettes, can make big glass windows. And you can make some green area around your house. Greenery always enhances the beauty of the place. You can keep big ceramic pots with some beautiful flowers or green plants. Also, there you can keep a nice water fountain or a beautiful and appealing statue. If you can spend money and you like to do experiments, then you can make your duplex house beyond your imaginations. It will look beautiful for sure. You can also use some color.