12 Best Kitchen Trolley Design Ideas

The kitchen trolley is the only piece of furniture that is used for storage and decoration. It’s versatile furniture that can also be used as a minibar to store beverages and tins of beer. 

It comes with variant designs and tiers to keep your kitchen appliances in an organized way.

In this post, we will share the 12 best kitchen trolley design ideas that perfectly suit your kitchen decor.

12 Best Kitchen Trolley Design Ideas

1.Kitchen Island Trolley

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island trolley is best if your basic need is convenience.

Like, most people prefer a trolley that has a large space which is cumbersome. However, the Kitchen island trolly is furniture that comes with features like three tiers and easy to move.

You can keep plates, glassware and other utensils in it and serve food by moving it to your dining or living room.

It’s budget-friendly furniture that perfectly fits with your kitchen with its classic properties.

2.Stainless Steel Trolley

The Stainless steel trolley has multiple perks. You may have seen it in the hospitals but it is also be used in the kitchen.

It comes in decent colours with two or three shelves for storage.

This type of kitchen trolley has basic colours that suit with any kitchen decor.

 Moreover, it’s hard, strong, and rust-free that also has long shelf life. You can use Stainless steel trolley to store any sharp tools and kitchen appliances.

3.Wooden Trolley

It’s a budget-friendly and charming piece of kitchen furniture usually used for serving breakfast and tea.

The wooden trolley has space lesser than other trolleys. It comes with 2 tiers and also shares rustic vibes. It’s versatile and phenomenal in market to glam up your kitchen decor.

4.Metal kitchen Trolley

It’s not furniture but a tiny room for displaying and carrying vegetables, fruits, and utensils throughout the kitchen.

This type of kitchen trolley comes in various colors but metal and bronze ones are best. It’s study and class and usually comes with 4 tiers to complete your kitchen decor.

5.Plastic Trolleys

It’s the versatile, light-weight kitchen trolley, available in market in different colours.

For space constraints kitchens, the plastic trolleys are best to store or display vegetables, fruits and meals. It’s one of the best kitchen trolleys that has excellent functionality and storage space.

6.Mobile Industrial Trolley

It’s one of kind for keeping electronic kitchen appliances such as toasters, air fryers, mixer grinder and others.

The mobile industrial trolley is spacious, strong, and durable. Although it comes in one or two colors and impresses you with its functionality and sturdy metal body.

It’s the best kitchen trolley available for those who look for hard and spacious furniture.

7.Glass & Metal Trolley

If you’re looking for a stylish trolley, the blend of glass and metal trolley should be your first choice.

It’s elegant and modern but delicate at the same time. That’s why it should be used on special occasions or party plans. This type of kitchen trolley is used for serving breakfast to your guest.

8.Shelving Cart Trolley

It comes in single or multiple tiers with an open display. If you want to flaunt your new crockery or imported kitchen appliances, the Shelving cart trolley is perfect for you. It’s the kitchen trolley design widely used for space and accessibility.

 Due to its open display, you can’t hide anything in it. If anyone walks to your kitchen he would easily see all those beautiful and class appliances kept on this trolley.

9.Vintage Trolley

It’s one of those which would appear in 90s movies.

Vintage Trolley, the name suggests its contemporary appearance which comes up with glossy surface.

Well, it’s used for storage but you can use it for flaunting your products. It’s hard, glossy, and classy which is perfect for your kitchen decor.

10.Sleek Kitchen Trolley

It’s not cumbersome but stylish and strong to store little things. If you’re looking for a small kitchen trolley that remains in the corner the Sleek kitchen trolley is the best.

You can settle it in the corner or centre where you wish, to keep kitchen products like plates, glass and knife. It’s spacious for small uternsils which has no drawers and cabinets.

11.Double-layered Kitchen Trolley

It’s vertical spacious kitchen trolley mostly used for movable items.

The double-layered trolley is simple that takes no extra space to settle in your kitchen. You can keep your jars, glasses and plates on it, as it is sturdy and storable for hard kitchen tools.

You can decorate it with in-house plants and a showpiece on it as it has vertical expansion.

12.Modified Bread Shelf Trolley

It’s not only a movable furniture but the stylish set-up for food & beverages. You should consider a modified bread shelf trolley when your kitchen is space constraint.

It’s the best kitchen trolley that can store food items of all types. You can keep vegetable, fruits and poultry in it as per your wish.

You will get shelves to organize things which makes it easily movable from kitchen to dining room.

13.Basket Trolley

The basket trolley is best to move anything from one point to another.

You can put your favorite tools and appliances in it and move smoothly from the kitchen to your dining or living or wherever you want. It’s best to settle on your kitchen countertop where you can keep groceries, kitchen appliances, and other stuff in it.

Many people assume that its for external use but it can be used internal especially at kitchen.

Final Note

These are the 13 best kitchen trolleys design ideas that have good storage space, excellent functionality, and so on. These kitchen trolleys come up with different prices, colors, models, relying on your requirement and budget. These are the best in the market that extend the beauty of your kitchen.