Why Keeping Your House Clean is Worth the Hassle?

Truth be told, there’s so much emphasis right now on staying healthy. As the virus plowed death right into our very midst, people start to think twice about their lifestyles. It’s definitely better to be proactive about it. It makes sense now that people are dying by the thousands. 

A little arithmetic can certainly put things in perspective. As experts detail, the total number of deaths due to COVID in America has reached over 600,000. That number is more than the American death toll on the three past wars combined: Korean War, Vietnam War, and WWII. 

Finding the virus in the offensive, Americans have made it a point to strengthen their health. And amongst the many items that people ordered during the pandemic, exercise equipment rose to the top. Kettlebells, treadmills, and dumbbells were ordered more as people were on a lockdown. That’s next to PPEs (hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves) and food.

Now, that’s fine and dandy. But if you really want to increase your chances of staying healthy and fighting the virus, you’ll have to cover the basics. And that should start with cleanliness. Indeed, not putting priority on a clean environment at home can have drastic negative effects for everyone. 

Well, most people may not put as much attention to cleanliness. If that is you, you may have to do some rethinking. Listed below are essential benefits of regularly cleaning your home. Benefits that you will surely miss if you don’t take heed. 

Kills Pathogens

Well, you may have heard of them: microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi. All these microorganisms are called pathogens. They can cause disease. And we don’t need any more elaborate examples. COVID-19 is a pathogen. It’s an RNA virus that is protected by a protein coating. 

The good news is disinfectants can kill pathogens. By destroying their cell walls, microbes can be stopped dead on their tracks. Now, with regular cleaning, you increase your chances of protecting yourself against microbes, coronavirus including. That alone should tell you why keeping your home clean always is a must, especially in these times. 

The same holds true for regular vacuuming. By doing so, you take care of debris and all sorts of dirt that not only dirty your home but also could carry pathogens. 

The virus, for one, weakens when exposed to heat. But it can last for as long as two days when attached to clothing. 

Takes Care of Pests

A messy home is a breeding ground for bugs. Ants for one scrounge for food. If you don’t keep your kitchen floors clean and leave your garbage all the time, ants will make your home their home too. 

Keeping every room tidy means pests won’t have access to leftovers. Worse, if you maintain cluttered space, you give an ideal space for pests to hide and thereby thrive. Vacuuming and sweeping daily can work wonders to keep pests at bay. So is wiping your countertops after use. 

However, if you find that pests have already invaded, calling in pest control may be wise. A single and may be easy to trample upon. But an army of ants is another story altogether. Experts can deal with such a nuisance without using harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to the environment and to everyone at home. 

Boost Indoor Air Quality

Thinking your air is fresh all the time can be counterproductive on your part. There are many ways indoor air quality (IAQ) can be sabotaged right at home. A good example here is pet dander. If you’re not careful, dog dander can cause allergies and other health complications. 

Indeed, poor IAQ has proven to trigger a host of lung disorders (e.g., asthma, allergies, breathing problems). Regular cleaning can, however, take care of mildew, dust bunnies, and the ever-so-evasive animal dander. 

Sleep Soundly than Before

Stop and think about it. Would you like to sleep on a cluttered bed or one with spotless linen? It’s a no-brainer. When it comes to sleep, having a well-maintained bed is key. It’s more relaxing to jump into the bed with immaculate clean sheets while saying good night to a house in order. 

Safety for Your Children

No doubt, living in filth is not a great way to live. But that is especially true for children. If you don’t regularly clean your house, young toddlers crawling could encounter dirt-filled things on the floor and put them in the mouth. 

That could be a health hazard. Unlike adults, children are a lot more susceptible to pathogens, not to mention molds and mildews. A regularly vacuumed floor ensures these things seldom happen, if at all. 

Easy to Find Things

It follows. If you’ve been cleaning your house regularly and keeping things in order, you’d have less worry about locating misplaced things. Misplaced things can easily be found with daily cleaning. Plus, you feel better your home is as organized as it should be.