What to Do Before Hosting a Garden Party for Your Family and Friends

Days are fast approaching, and holidays are coming. This also means holding a lot of gatherings will be in place. On the other hand, the pandemic isn’t over yet. Holding gatherings outdoors is the most advisable. With all the safety measures in consideration, a garden party can be an option.  

With that in mind, you will need to get your garden ready for the show. Give it its best look for the parties you’re going to be holding in the next months. Impress your family and friends by giving your garden a wonderful makeover. Check out the tips below to help you embellish your garden before hosting your parties.    

Start with your lawn  

If you have a grassy space in your garden, you better start working on them first. Begin with cleaning your lawn by raking the fallen leaves and picking up wastes. A clean lawn is always attractive. You can mow the grasses and make sure that they’re trimmed elegantly. Speaking of elegance, make the grasses in your lawn look greener. You can achieve this by effective fertilization.

Another way to decorate your lawn is mulching your soil. This doesn’t only add moisture to your soil but can also give your lawn a distinct look. Healthy soil is a good raising ground for plants anyway. Pull out unwanted weeds, roots included. You don’t want them to come back just in time for your party. Water the lawn appropriately to maintain its lush quality.    

Place attractive plants and flowers  

There’s actually research in Japan that correlates relaxation to seeing beautiful flowers. No wonder why flowers and plants make us feel at ease. That’s just one of the many benefits of a beautiful garden. Garden beautification with plants will depend upon the aesthetics you’re going for. You can designate a particular color and get plants and flowers in this shade. Say you want to go with purple, shower your garden with the beauty of Hydrangea, Hyacinth, and Lavender. You can also opt for complementary colors.

Do this by adding bright red Zinnia flowers to contrast with the green leaves of your garden. Go full-on green with Green chrysanthemum. Of course, hanging plants such as Tassel ferns and Devil’s Ivy don’t go out of fashion. They always look incredible and classy when arranged properly. Decorative plants in minimalist pots and containers are also an option. There are many ways to make your garden look more attractive with the use of color schemes. Plants and flowers can certainly help with this mission.    

Add some furniture and accessories  

Give your guests a front seat at your exquisite venue for your outdoor party. Place chairs where they can watch and appreciate your beautifully decorated garden. Choose a garden table where everyone can initiate intimate conversations. Entice your guests by placing your grill and make them drool with the smell of your delicious barbecues. You can also put sofas and couches for a more comfortable get-together. A little swing can entertain the kids and kids-at-heart. Garden lamps and birdhouses are also nifty additions. These small elements can set whatever vibe you want your garden to exude.    

Decorate it with edible vegetation  

Amaze your guests with some cute vegetables and fruits you can grow in your garden. Plan this so that people can actually interact with these edible gems. Vie for fruits that are the easiest to grow in the garden. Let your guests taste the sweetness of strawberries you’ve grown in cute pots. Astonish them by picking out tomatoes and small cucumbers to add to your fresh salad.

Tickle their olfactory senses with the smell of herbs in your garden. Plant some ParsleyBasil, or even Oregano to add to your mini herb collection in the garden. Seeing the beauty of your garden is one thing. Being able to taste and smell some of its components is another.

Make it children-friendly  

Your guests might bring their kids to the party. You better have something to entertain the children too while you’re busy with hosting duties. You can designate a children’s zone. As mentioned above, you can add a swing or anything that resembles some elements of a playground.

This way, you can keep the kids delighted while the adults are enjoying the party. You can also make your garden interactive by letting the kids do some simple gardening tasks. Teach them how to water the plants or plant seedlings. It can be a good way to make the parents bond with their kids. Just make sure to keep your garden safe for the children too.    

Bring everyone closer and make your garden the perfect place to hold a party. Give your guests an experience that will make family gatherings unforgettable. Make them feel at home by bringing them outside.