Top 5 Reasons For Calling a Plumbing Company

Most homeowners think that after you have your drainage or gas system has been newly installed you will never need the services of a plumber any time soon. This is not usually the case since even new systems sometimes develop problems which if not addressed immediately can result in disasters. However, the big question still remains how big the problems should be and which kinds of problems might require you to call a professional plumber. Here are the top reasons for calling the plumbing Company.

1.Clogged sink

Some of the materials that clog your sink can start clouding the drain and water pipes thus making the problem escalate. Although there are some DIY tips all over the internet on how to unclog a sink or clear blocked drains, most of them never work and some that do are usually temporary. However, a professional plumber will unclog your sink permanently and also address any other potential problems such as loose joints before it is too late.

2.Flooded shower or tub

Your bathroom collects a lot of dirt which includes mud, hair and other contaminants which as a result clog the drainage pipe. The blocked pipes can cause your bathrooms to flood which can lead to extensive water damage. A professional plumber will come and carry out a drain camera inspection to determine the cause of flooding and address the problem. Depending on the extent of damage the plumber can either unclog the pipes or replace the ones that completely damaged.

3.Replacing the toilets

No matter how nice your house looks if you still use an old damaged toilet, your friends and relatives will always have something that disgusts them in your house. Installing a modern and properly functioning toilet will give you peace of mind since you do not have to worry about backflows and foul smell. However, most people make a mistake and try to install the toilets by themselves but forget the mess they can cause which includes leaks and floor damages. You can avoid a professional plumber who will install your new toilets without causing damages on the floor or unnecessary damages to the toilet itself.

4.Replacement of showerheads and water heater

A reputable plumbing company does not only install new gas and drainage system but also offer Plumbing and maintenance services such as water heaters and shower heads replacement. If you have an old and damaged water heater it can act as a time ticking bomb which can blow any time. In addition, water from the old water heater can be dangerous as the heat regulator may be damaged causing the water to overheat. Old showerheads can also malfunction causing water wastage. Replacing showerheads and water heaters will help you save on energy and water utility bills.

5. Molds, dripping sink and leaking water pipes

Leaking pipes and dripping sinks do not only keep you awake at night but will also encourage molds to grow and the existence of foul smell in your house. Dripping sink and leaks are normally caused by loose joints or corroded pipes. A plumber will inspect the cause of the problems and recommend either repair on the damaged parts or replacement of the entire system.

Choosing the right plumbing company does not only save you money but will also be a help in case of emergencies.