Make Your Home Renovation a Smart One

Building a house is attached to several dreams. It’s a reflection of your personality and your preferences. Home is the place that uplifts your spirit and energizes you for the day ahead. The choice of colors, décor, and furniture matter when it comes to your home. All the memories, happy or sad, are captured in the home. It is a place that has acknowledged your journey and your family’s journey throughout life. 

Home is the place where you feel most relaxed, calm, happy, and protected. No seven-star hotel can match the comfort of your home. Like everything else, it needs care and repair. Your house will tell itself when it needs a bit of touching up.

How do you know it’s time for a renovation?

With the passing years, the general lifestyle has changed. Modern homes, equipped with appliances infused with the latest technology, are in demand. The style of living, dressing up, food habits all are changed. It’ll be a pity if you don’t change your house with it. There are always quick fixes available on the internet. 

After living so many years in your home, it’s expected that some parts are broken. The wall may have cracks, the roof may be leaking, or you might be craving some change yourself. It is an indication that your house needs a renovation. Renovation may include fixing the plumbing issues, roof replacement, or fixing the unsafe electronics. Here are some points why homes need renovation:

  • Electrical Issues: Old electric wires can be vulnerable to faults. It can be a reason for serious fire hazards in the home. To get an idea, check for outdated fuse boxes, plug sockets, faded light switches. It is among the essential reasons that indicate that your house needs a renovation. The average cost of wiring around the house can be in the range of $4,000 — $10,000, depending on the quality.
  • Plumbing: Plumbing issues can also cause many difficulties. You should always check the pipeline from where it’s entering your property (the internal stop tap). Check the color of lead. It is dark gray or black. If it turns silver when lightly scraped, this means it is damaged. Brass and copper pipes last for more than 50 years. If you come across rusted pipework or connections, leaking faucets, then it needs to be replaced. If your home is surrounded by trees, then you should consider checking the pipelines, especially the sewage system, after a certain time. To make sure that the roots of trees have not caused any problem. Replacing pipes costs around $150 to $200 per linear foot.  
  • Leaking roof: The roof of the old house is likely to damage. It has to face rain, sunlight, and snow. You can identify damaged roofs from outside by analyzing the cracked tiles, loose flashings, and crumbling cement. From inside, the house if you see moisture in loft insulation, water stains, rotten timber, etc. It indicates the time for renovation. The cost range between $5,500 to $11,000

Things to remember when you’re renovating a house

Now you know when to renovate your house. It’s also essential to know from where to start and what to keep in mind. Many homeowners dive into the renovation process without analyzing the pros and cons of the process. Lack of preparation may lead to disappointment in the renovation process. Therefore, before starting the renovation process here, are some points you need to know.

  • The timeline should be realistic: Renovation of the house is a big work. It may take a longer time than your expectation. It’s better to be prepared and make accommodations to avoid further hassle. It’s necessary to analyze the area you are going to renovate and make a list of which work will take more time and which will take less time. For instance, replacing a bathroom tub will be quick than removal of fixtures.
  • Compare Contractors: Before starting the renovation process, you should interview multiple contractors. This way, you can compare the merits and demerits of contractors. You can also choose the cost according to your budget by analyzing the proposals of contractors. It also helps in saving money.
  • Start from Kitchen: Homeowners are always confused about where to start the renovation process. You should always start the process from your kitchen, as remodeling of the kitchen adds major value to your home. The survey revealed that in the US, 30 percent of people were motivated to remodel their kitchen. The reason besides was the broken-down old kitchen, and the kitchen is an integral part of the house.

Renovation of a house is a tedious job. An old chimney and other foundation structural issues could be reason enough that you should consider and start the renovation. The feeling and thought of seeing your renovated house are inexpressible. You should do well research to know all the unexpected factors. It is always better to be specific in choosing the design of your house.