Living Room – The Heart of Every Home

For interior designers in Bangalore, the golden rule of the living room’s interior decor is “Live with what you love!”. The living room is a place where the family meets and spends quality time.

The living room reflects the culture and traditions of your family. So the interior decorators in Bangalore thinks, living room should be attractive so that everyone feels fresh and enthusiastic in your home.

Nowadays interior decor of a home is becoming a fashion statement. Everyone wants their house to look amazing. So let’s check how to do living room interior and what are the essential things that we should consider before going for the living room interior.

Use a proper color combination

Colour- it is one of the most important aspects while doing interior décor and modular kitchen in Bangalore. You can go for a contemporary colour scheme. Keep your colour choice confident and don’t be nervous about moving across the colour wheel. You can go for a monochrome scheme, too. The choice is absolutely yours!

Plan for layered multiple rugs

A layering rug is one of the popular choices for modern interior design. This requires 2-3 rugs. One oversized rug will serve as the base and 1-2 normal sized ascent rugs.

Plan for plants and terrariums

Nowadays everyone loves greenery. Everyone loves to have indoor plants. There are some myths behind the indoor plants that it brings a peaceful and fresh atmosphere in the space. A planter or terrarium will brighten up your living room.

Plan for impressive lighting

Choose the lighting which is comfortable to the eyes. Choose a bright LED light that is functional in nature. Warm decorative lights help to improve aesthetics. For decorative purposes, you can opt for chandelier light.

Add texture

You can bring some texture to your living room by combining color and lightning too. You can do the texture with your favourite colour combination. Sleek and sophisticated metal against supple leathers and matte will give you a different but subtle texture to keep your mind engaged and your eyes active.

Add a personal touch

Finally, a personal touch is very important while doing interior decor. You can select one of the walls of the living room and can hang some memorable family photographs or some artwork.

If you have a passion for reading books then fill one of the corners with books. If you have a passion for travelling then fill it with maps and mark the places you have visited and want to visit.

Display your personal items such as souvenirs and photographs as it will reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to use your meaningful collection as accessories.

Whether you are constructing a new house or just want to give a new look to your existing home, it is never too late to focus on the decor of your home.

The calculated decisions and the right color scheme will give your living room a tranquil vibe, making it more look spacious than it is. The living room interior should make your family and the guests you entertain feel comfortable and relaxed.