Is it less expensive to relocate your furniture or to buy new?

When planning a long-distance move, there are numerous decisions to be made.

Should you hire a commercial moving company or rent a moving container?

Should you relocate in the summer or the winter?

Should you ship all of your furniture, just some of it, or buy everything new?

This article will assist you in answering the final question.

To be clear, the answer is not all-inclusive.

The characteristics of the move, the furniture itself, and your personal preferences will determine whether you should move or buy new furniture.

Continue reading for important information that will assist you in making the best decision for YOU.

Is Moving Your Furniture a Good Idea?

If your furniture has seen better days, it may not be worth the cost of relocation. It is more than ten years old is more likely to be damaged during the move. You may find yourself having to buy new furniture quickly to replace broken items while leaving the trashed items (that you just paid to have moved) at the curb of your new home.

And how will your previous furnishings fit in your new home? Make sure you have a good idea of how the rooms will be laid out and where your old furniture will go. Take measurements and consider how you will re-arrange old items in the new space.

Keep interior design in mind as well. Will your old furniture look good in your new living room? Your old recliner might look out of place in a modern new living room.

Is there a sentimental value to your furniture?

A piece of furniture can have sentimental value at times. Perhaps an armchair has been passed down through generations in your family. A bookcase from your college years may still bring back happy memories. It’s fine to be sentimental about personal belongings. The emotional value of a home may outweigh the practicality of moving costs.

However, not every piece of furniture in your home is a family heirloom. Take a close look at each piece of furniture you own and consider whether or not it is truly important to you. Most of your furniture will most likely be viewed from a practical standpoint, with only one or two pieces having any real sentimental value.

Conflicts can occur. Sometimes a sentimental item is too expensive to relocate or will not fit in your new space. In such cases, you may want to contact family or friends to see if they can “adopt” the sentimental item. This way, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing where that emotionally significant piece of furniture is, even if it’s not in your new home.

What is the monetary worth of your furniture?

If you have high-quality, expensive furniture that will last a long time, it is worthwhile to relocate it. However, keep in mind that expensive furniture must be appreciated. If you’re hanging on to a designer couch because it cost you a fortune when you bought it, you’re probably not going to like it any better in your new home.

Consider what will make you happy in your new space and how much you can afford. The only way to achieve a positive outcome is to balance the cost of the move with what you truly want in your new home.