Interior Design Trends for 2022 you’ll Want to Try in Your Home

The home design trends of 2022 are beginning to take shape, and you won’t want to miss out on them! Everything from your dining room table and kitchen cabinetry to your choice of window treatments, there are interior design choices you’ll make in 2022 that will change the look and feel of your home forever. As the year goes on, keep an eye out for these trends to emerge as the most popular ideas in home interiors.

A Modern Industrial Look

The modern industrial look consists of rustic surfaces and lots of texture. It’s a space that includes metal fixtures and exposed brick – even unfinished beams. The look is inspired by factories, workshops, industrial warehouses, and more. Natural light is preferred with lots of windows to let in the view outside while also serving as access points for natural air circulation. Natural materials like raw wood, concrete floors, and stone counters are often used throughout the space – even exposed brick walls can make an appearance.

Nightstands on Either Side of The Bed

While many homeowners opt for a single nightstand, this idea may become outdated as the generation that grew up with cell phones starts entering their twenties. They are unlikely to put their phone on their bedside table when they go to sleep because it will be too easy for them to reach over and grab them in the middle of the night.

Putting Plants Inside Lamps

Lamps are not just for light anymore. If you want a greener look inside and out, plants can now be placed inside the lamps too. These new lamps are not only great because they will save energy but also due to their aesthetic beauty and help you in making romantic room setup. Using these new lamps inside your house may help brighten up and make the interior more pleasant.

Blue and White Will Still be Popular

Predictions have shown that the color blue and white will still be a common trend. While they’re not new or innovative, they’re not on their way out either. It’s been proven that these colors can help relieve stress and make people feel calmer. Knowing this, this color combination will likely continue to be popular until a new trend takes over.

Mixing and Matching Antiques with New Pieces (like Art Deco pieces from the 30’s and 40’s)

You know those random pieces of furniture that you bought at the flea market and don’t really know what to do with? Well here’s an idea- mix it with some new pieces. Just because an item is vintage doesn’t mean it has to look dated. Bringing old and new together can actually produce a timeless result. Let’s say, for example, that you just found a mahogany dresser from the 1940s and are wondering what to do with it.

Adding Mirrors, But Behind Furniture

Mirrors have been traditionally seen as a way to make a room look bigger, but research is showing that they also function as an extension of the space and add depth and personality. In a flex room, you can use it. By the way, do you know what is a flex room? Using mirrors with furniture is an easy way to create the illusion of more room by strategically placing them behind pieces of furniture.