How to Prepare Your Home and Yard for Summer?

When the days start to get longer and the weather is beginning to turn warmer, most of us look forward to sitting outside in the yard on a warm summer’s evening with family and friends. We might even think about the big barbeque parties we’ll have with friends and loved ones.

In most cases, the change also means getting outside and doing some work to make the yard and exterior of the home look presentable again. After the long winter months, it may be that a bit of a superficial cleaning will suffice. Perhaps a bit more work will be required, depending on how bad the weather was over winter. Nonetheless, below are a few things that can be done to have your home and yard looking party-ready once more.

Check if Repairs are Required

Hopefully, your home and yard have not been damaged by harsh winter weather. Even if there are no obvious signs of damage though, it is best to look around. The folk at Global Gutter Systems say that it is important to take a look at your Rainguard gutters to ensure there are no loose brackets or other potential signs of damage. Check the fixings on brackets and tighten them where necessary. You should also check inside the gutters to make sure there are no blockages.

Have a look if there has been any damage to your plants and shrubs too. Strong winds have the potential to break branches on trees, and lying snow or piles of leaves on grass can cause it to die. Rake away leaves and clear the flower beds and if any plants can be salvaged. You might need to add some topsoil to the lawn before putting down more grass seed on any brown patches.

Start Cleaning

Once your yard has been accessed for damage and you have carried out any necessary maintenance or repair work, you can start cleaning. If you have a patio or decking area, it might be slippery because of algae that have formed over the winter months. The best way to clean these areas is with a power hose and a deck scrub. In most cases, you can get the area spotless with the high-powered jet washer, but you could also use a special cleaning solution that should help prevent the algae from returning so quickly.

If your outdoor furniture has been exposed to the elements over the winter, it might also need to be cleaned. Depending on what material it is made from, you can use the power hose to wash it down. Otherwise, get a bucket of hot soapy water and start scrubbing.


When the yard is clean and tidy, you can turn your thoughts to making the exterior of your home more appealing and ready for guests. Maybe you will think about painting the exterior walls, which will transform its appeal instantly. You could also add some ambient lighting around the yard. Solar lights are ideal and are available at ground level as well as in string form that can be hung from fences and trees.

Plant Some Flowers

You may have some plants that flower every year, but adding some beautiful hanging baskets can make all the difference in how your home’s exterior looks. You can also put some beautiful flowering plants in large planters on your patio or decking, just to add some color.

In Conclusion

Getting your home ready for the spring and summer can be both quick and easy. All it requires is a little bit of maintenance and some scrubbing to allow you to make the most of those warm summer evenings.

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