How to Design Your Entryway and Make a Lasting Impression

Don’t fall for the lie that you cannot achieve those gorgeous, light-stricken home entryways you often see on websites like Architectural Digest and The Spruce. With the right paint job, decor, and styling choices, your entryway can look just as good as those done by professional interior designers and decorators.

Now is the best time to pay attention to your home’s entryway because it can make or break your guests’ first impression of your house. And now that the world is slowly opening up again, you might be more inclined to receive guests soon and make your entryway perfect—not just for aesthetic purposes but also to allow people to sanitize themselves first before entering your home completely.

Here are some tips and pointers for designing an unforgettable, functioning, and welcoming entryway.

Let there be (natural) light

If there’s one thing that ties in all these beautiful entryways together, it’s the presence of big, open windows and natural light. Having a home with this sought-after real estate already does half the design work for you. When looking for residential properties for sale, look for ones that have big windows that let the sunlight in so that whatever layout or decor your choose will have a naturally warm and glowing atmosphere around them.

Incorporate the key pieces 

When it comes to interior decoration and styling, the devil is in the details. One wrong decision, no matter how small, can throw off balance in the space. In the same manner, it’s the tiny little details that can make a room look professionally done. It’s all about following the basic rules of interior design and using minute details to your advantage. Here are some key pieces you need to add to your entryway to make it as warm and welcoming as possible:

  • Area rugs are essential if you want your entry to look cozy and intimate. Aside from providing people with a softer step, the right area rugs will add pattern, color, and interest to the entryway. One tip is to layer it by adding a smaller patterned one over a more neutral or basic rug—it’s a great use of texture and will make your space look more polished.
  • Add a bench with pillows on one side. The ancestor of the entryway is the mudroom, which is commonly used to help people get rid of their dirty boots, outerwear, and items before they enter the house. By adding a bench with throws and pillows, you create a modern upgrade of this classically American home design idea. 
  • If the space can handle it, add a console table on the other side. Add a unique mirror over the table—one big 2021 mirror trend you can look into are large, round ones, but there are other interesting and unique shapes to choose from. Aside from the mirror, you can also add some books, a vase with a large plant that speaks to the current season, and some wooden design elements like a small bin.
  • Speaking of plants, greenery is also another way to liven up any space instantly. Green brings forth vibrancy and vitality to any area since it is reminiscent of nature, so a floor plant beside the bench seat or the console table might be your best bet. Just make sure to use a pot that meshes well with the rest of your design choices for the space.

If the space of your entryway is on the smaller side, don’t fret! You’d be surprised to know that it’s easier to style a smaller space because you only need a few key pieces to make the room look amazing.

Opt for earthy and rustic tones

If you are to incorporate plenty of indoor plants into your entryway or home in general and you are blessed with plenty of natural light, a rustic, earthy, or more neutral color palette filled with white, black, and wood accents might be the best way to balance your entryway. Playing and experimenting with different tones of wood can help ensure that your entrance does not feel flat.

If you truly want your home to feel warm and inviting, starting with the entryway is the best way. Invest in your home’s atmosphere by sprucing up the entryway through a few stunning finds that bring out your uniqueness as a homeowner. Maximize natural light, layer your space, add some greens, and opt for an earthy and neutral color palette, and you can be sure that your guests would feel like they are warmly embraced just by being in your entryway.