How Can I Make the Front of My House Look Better?

Most of us focus on the inside of our homes when we are painting and decorating and adding things like new furnishings. But the front of the home is important too, especially if you are ever thinking of selling and moving to another property. Potential buyers are often put off a home because they don’t like the look of it from the outside. Even if it is ultra-stylish and has everything they could want and need inside, they might not ever cross the threshold if they don’t like the look of the exterior. So what can you do to make it more appealing?

Change the Front Door

You can completely replace the front door for a new one or give the old one a makeover instead. Painting the door will be cheaper than investing in a new one, but you need to make sure this is done right. There is no point in just slapping on a new color without first preparing the surface and fixing any cracks or damage to the door. It will be necessary to sand the door down and remove the old paint, if possible. Fill in any cracks and sand these down before you start painting. A new or revamped front door can make an enormous difference to the front of your house.

Check Your Gutters

The good folk at Global Gutter Systems say that many people never think about their rainguard gutters until they have a problem, such as leaking or gutters coming away from the walls. But gutters can easily get clogged with leaves, twigs, and trash that has blown up there. Sometimes plant life will grow in the damp conditions inside the gutters, which can then make a home look unkempt. They recommend regular cleaning of the gutters to ensure they not only work efficiently but that they don’t make your home look untidy.

Pull up the Weeds

If your driveway is full of weeds, take some time to get rid of them, and if you can put some suitable weedkiller down. It is best to do this on a dry day and make sure that you put signs up to keep your driveway clear while it dries. You can improve the curb appeal by planting some pretty flowers in pots and placing them by the front door. If you have a lawn, get into the habit of keeping it neat and tidy. Overgrown grass is not attractive. Nor is a lawn full of leaves and trash blown in by the wind.

Add Some Ambient Lighting

If your front door does not already have a light fixture, consider adding one that activates with motion. It does not have to be a bright intruder deterrent style light fixture. You can buy good-looking door lanterns with soft warm light. You could also consider adding some driveway lighting to direct you and guests safely to the front door at night.

Decorate Your Home with the Seasons

Although most people will decorate their homes for seasons such as Halloween and Christmas, you can do this all-year round should you wish. For example, when spring comes, you can add a nice wreath with spring flowers and green foliage. You can replace this with a summer wreath and then a fall one as the seasons change.


The front of the home needs tender loving care in much the same way that the rest of the home does. Making some small changes and giving it some regular maintenance will help improve its appearance and its street cred.