Homestay in Shimla: Everything You Need To Know

Exploring India is fascinating. And not only Indians enjoy the beauty of nature but also people
around the world visit India more often. India is full of hidden treasure which has never failed
itself to impress. Not considered as a great holiday destination, but every time one visits India,
he/she will never be disappointed.


One of the regions of India that has gained popularity in the past decade is Shimla. One of the
famous spot where everyone releases their stress amidst pine trees and cool breeze. It is one of the famous hill town that will never fail to amaze you.

Why Shimla?

Shimla owns a rich culture and heritage along with historical background will surely make you
awe-stuck. You can find several places to visit like Jakhu Temple, Observatory Hill, The Ridge,
Arki Fort, Himachal State Museum. What is there to love about architectural art is their

If you are planning to spend a day in Shimla, we are sure it won’t be enough. To enjoy the more
magnificent holiday, you need a place to stay. Hotels are surely expensive during season time.
But there is no scarcity of homestays around the area. These homestays offer you a homely
feeling along with heart warming owners. Homestays are not simply people and houses where you
can rest. With rising advancement in Shimla, locales have converted their villas, apartments,
contemporary houses, farmhouses and cottages into homestays.

Before booking a room in a Homestay of Shimla, one needs to evaluate four things:

1. Kind Of Place:

This depends on the individual. Homestay in Shimla offer convenient to luxury homes.

2. Number of PAX:

This is is the most important factor before visiting Shimla. We do not say that Homestays in
Shimla has a scarcity of rooms. But mentioning the number of people can ease your comfort and make
your visit more enjoyable.

3. Location:

Not everyone enjoys the hustle-bustle and want to relax in a place away from city life. One can
research the location online before booking a room as per their preference. 

4. Money:

Also, Shimla offers way better Homestays at reasonable prices. So, before visiting, make sure
you book a homestay checking the reviews and best prices.  One of the most renowned Homestay in Shimla is Leopards Den. But choosing a homestay that is comfortable and safe is not an easy job. Find a homestay with best amenities:


Once upon a time, one use to have a family vacation and later tell their friends about it. But in
recent times, the internet helps us sharing our good times with a loved one. A homestay without
an internet facility is a big no-no.

Hot Water:

If you are visiting Shimla in December to enjoy the snowfall. Make sure to choose a homestay
which offers running hot water.


Shimla is one of the least dangerous places regarding criminal activities. But to safeguard your
family and yourself, choose a homestay with security provided.


You watch building traffic and people every day. Visiting Shimla is all about isolation and relaxation. And Shimla never fails to bring you close to nature. Make sure to check the surroundings of the homestay, so every time you open the curtain, your eyes crumble with a smile on your face.

And one of the homestay in Shimla which offers a lofty view of luscious green valley and beauty
is Leopard Den. Make sure to follow the above points to make your holiday memorable with
your friends or family.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the
adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” — Jawaharial Nehru