Home Air Purification System: The Complete Package

If you want to make your home as comfortable and healthy as possible, it is a wise decision to invest in a home air purification system. It will improve your indoor air quality by removing harmful particles and pollutants from the air in your home, making it a healthier place to live. Not only that, but an air purifier can also help keep your home’s heating and cooling system running more efficiently.

According to IQ Air, in 2019, Boise averaged an annual PM2.5 concentration of 6.9 μg/m3, thus meeting both the US federal target (≤ 12 μg/m3) and the more stringent World Health Organization (WHO) target (≤ 10 μg/m3). Despite generally healthy air, Boise still experiences an average of 2.8 unhealthy PM2.5 days annually, where air quality reaches levels considered “unhealthy for sensitive groups” or worse. Seasonal forest fires, winter wood-burning, and vehicle exhaust are largely to blame for elevated PM2.5 levels in Boise. In August 2020, 500 wildfires in Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Northern California were responsible for causing Boise pollution levels to be classified as “unhealthy for sensitive groups” for several days.

At Boise Clean Air, our mission is to help have your homes a better and safer air for your family to breathe using our home air purification system. Indoor air can be contaminated by a variety of household odors that spread through the HVAC system. You might not even realize how much this affects what is happening around us because we are so used to them! With natural solutions like we offer, which remove all smells instead of just masking them with other chemical treatments, it won’t matter anymore since our noses will not have any trouble detecting anything again, no matter where they come from.

Keep your home clean and pure with the help of UV light technology installed in HVAC systems. The powerful rays can sanitize air before it gets moldy, ensuring you never have to worry about those pesky allergies again!

Over time, air ducts in your homes get clogged with dirt. If this is not cleaned regularly, it can lead to the buildup of harmful things like bacteria, pollen, or mold in your home’s atmosphere, and this will have an adverse effect on the health of everyone living in your home especially those who are already suffering from asthma, frequent allergies, pneumonia, sinusitis, and headaches. Air Duct Cleaning is the most commonly requested service we have at Boise Clean Air. It does not only provide you with cleaner indoor air but also saves you energy bills and lessens the wear and tear of your A/C.

Indoor air pollution is a real issue, and it’s one that you can do something about. By getting a home air purification system, you can rest assured your family is breathing clean and fresh air.  Our team of experts will work with you to find what you need that is friendly to the budget. Ready to get started? Talk to us today!