Handy Hints For Tiling Your Bathroom

Whether you’re completely remodeling your entire bathroom, or simply rejuvenating it with some new tiles from a local outlet store, there are several things to think about when tiling your bathroom.

For starters, you’ll need to think carefully about the rest of the elements in the bathroom, from the fixtures and fittings to the rest of the décor; it’s important to remember that for the best effect, all items should either complement, or successfully contrast one another.

From continuity to contrast, tiles can play a significant role in the overall look of a bathroom, and when chosen right and laid professionally, can bring depth, texture and bags of character to the space. To help your tiled bathroom get the wow factor, here are some handy hints:

Coordinate the Colour Scheme

Once you’ve chosen a colour scheme for your remodelled bathroom, or are shopping for tiles with an existing bathroom colour scheme, make sure that your tiles match, or provide a visually pleasing contrast.

Pay Attention to Grout

Tiles are an important addition to any bathroom, but the type and colour of grout you choose can play an important role, too. Choose between sanded cement, unsanded cement, or epoxy, and white, grey or black grout. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from a professional if you’re unsure which would work best with the tiles you’ve chosen.

Match Accessories With the Tiles

For the ultimate stylish bathroom, all elements within it should work well together, and items such as cabinets, shelves, lamps, rugs, taps and shower curtains, should all be in harmony with the paint and tiles, both in style and colour. 

Decide Whether to Adopt the Same Scheme in All Bathrooms

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one bathroom in your home, you’ll need to think about whether you want them all to carry the same colour scheme, or whether you want them to be unique. Sometimes it’s easier to make them all look the same, and this can be effective, too. However, if you find yourself with lots of different style options and don’t want to limit yourself to just one, why not make your bathrooms stylistically unique?

Think About Whether Your bathroom tiles Should Match Adjoining Spaces

If your bathroom leads directly off of another tiled space, it will be up to you to decide whether to have them matching, for continuity, or whether to contrast them. If two different spaces are adjoining but have distinctly different purposes, for example, such as a bathroom and a kitchen, you may want to create a sense of separation with a deliberate colour and style contrast.

There’s no right or wrong way to tile a bathroom, but it is important to think carefully about the points listed above if you want your bathroom to make a statement for all the right reasons. Additionally, unless you have trained as a tiler and know exactly what you’re doing, it’s almost always best to leave the job to a professional. A tile job gone wrong can be expensive and inconvenient to correct, and while tiling might seem like a straightforward task, it can be very easy to make a mistake and ruin an entire wall.