Four Ways to Transform Your Home into a Healing Environment

People have different struggles, may it be in their personal or professional lives. And as we live in such a fast-paced modern world, many people often forget to stop and de-stress. If you’re a working professional with a family to take care of, you might even have no time to relax and check on your own well-being. This kind of neglect can significantly affect your well-being, from physical, mental, to spiritual. 

One easy way to improve your ability to find relaxation and tranquility is to make your home a healing environment. We’re not talking about building a home spa or any big space changes. Even simple and small changes can do a lot for your health and well-being. To give you an idea of where to start, here are a few tips on creating your own healing environment.

1. Prioritize cleanliness

One primary key to good health is cleanliness. Clutter or trash in your living space can negatively impact your ability to be physically and mentally fit. To prevent getting all kinds of diseases, regularly clean your home to prevent harmful microorganisms from lurking inside. Wash dirty dishes and get your garbage out more frequently. But besides regular cleaning, you can try an old practice called space clearing. This method focuses on clearing the ‘invisibles’ instead of the ‘visibles’ like physical possessions. 

These ‘invisibles’ include environmental disturbances, emotional charge, negative thought patterns, and energetic stress. In short, it’s about dispelling unnecessary energies and negativity. Space clearing can help improve your sense of belonging, release emotional clutter, gain greater awareness and clarity, and create a better home atmosphere.

2. Incorporate nature 

Nature is well-known to have healing power. Some even use natural, organic drugs to relieve physical pain and speed up healing. In general, nature can increase happiness, improve mood and productivity, reduce stress, and promote weight loss. Surround yourself with nature by incorporating plants and fresh flowers into your space. Indoor plants can craft a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere and even purify the air. Some of the best options include jasmine, lavender, Sansevieria, Hamedorea, aloe vera, chrysanthemum, and orchids.

Furthermore, lighting also plays a role in creating a healing environment. Boost the daylight coming into your living space, which helps reduce fatigue, improve morale, and boost mood. Open your windows during the day and let the sunshine in. This can even help improve the air quality and ventilation in your house. 

3. Focus on the right heating

Did you know that your physical and mental well-being can also be affected by thermal properties, not to mention your pocket, too? It’s difficult to heat a house that is damp or uninsulated. And the worst part? This can negatively impact your health as well. A healing home should be properly insulated, from the floor up to the attic. This ensures a comfortable temperature inside your home, especially during the day. This also helps your furnace or boiler to reach the desired temperature without much effort. 

With that in mind, invest in regular maintenance and repair of heating systems to ensure the comfort of your living space. Only hire credible heating companies so you can guarantee your system’s efficiency, especially during colder months. What’s more, you can invest in underfloor heating for a more comfortable healing environment. Not only that, but they’re also more affordable and hygienic compared to convection heating.

4. Designate a wellness space

If you’re living with your family or a friend, creating your private wellness area is a fantastic idea. This provides you with a space where you can be alone and relax without anyone or anything bothering you. You can use the space to engage with meaningful activities or hobbies or just have the place for your peaceful naps and meditation. Keep your wellness area free from distractions like televisions, phones, and laptops.

A speaker for listening to relaxing music or podcasts will do. You can use mood lighting if you’re bothered with harsh direct sunlight or hang some translucent blinds or mesh curtains to filter the amount of daylight coming in. And lastly, make the area a reflection of your personality. Decorate it with items from your travels, special art pieces, or other meaningful things for you.

A healing space can be different for everyone. On top of these tips, make sure to also consider your personal preferences. Create a healing environment that can promote relaxation and tranquility to both your body and mind. At the same time, don’t forget to also focus on the vital elements of any living space, such as texture, shape, color, and light.