Dirtiest Places in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean Regularly

If you clean the house regularly, you always think it’s the best you can do. But are you sure it’s enough? Even if you do it every day or every week, there are things and place in the house that’s easy to neglect. Cleaning the entire house spotless at least once a month for hard-to-reach places should be a priority, especially if you have a member of the household who’s prone to allergies or has a respiratory problem.

Ceilings, Walls, and Baseboards

Look up and see if you notice any cobwebs forming on the edges of your ceiling. Always start from the top down. Cleaning your ceiling not only helps reduce dust particles to fall on your furniture or float around the room but also keeps the paint to fade away. 

While climbing the ladder is completely acceptable, it’s recommended and safer to use a long-handled sponge mop to clean the ceiling. This way, you avoid getting into accidents and it makes the job faster to do. For deep cleaning, dip the mop in a mixture of water, dish soap, and white vinegar, then wipe every corner of your ceilings and walls.

The walls and ceilings in the bathroom and the kitchen are the ones you should prioritize because those rooms are most prone to humidity, moisture, and dampness. The longer you let moisture remain, the more mold will grow. Molds ruin the paint job and durability of the house. More importantly, it compromises the indoor air quality, making it dangerous to someone who’s allergic.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the baseboards since those small ledges collect a disgusting amount of dust, especially if not cleaned for longer. Damp the cloth with water and wipe the dust off them. Sanitize your walls from the top down at least once a month.

Ceiling Fans and Lights

While you’re already at the ceiling, you can’t miss the light fixtures and the ceiling fan if you have one. A duster with an extendable handle is the best tool for this job, allowing you to catch cobwebs and dust. Another option can be with the use of a clean microfiber cloth, securing it to a broom with a rubber band so you can reach high spots.

Air Filters and Vents

The least you can do yourself of clean up the filters of your air vents or air conditioning system regularly so its ability to capture unwanted dirt resets and continues to protect you from inhaling dust and molds. Especially if you live in an old house and the vents haven’t been cleaned in a long time, it’s best to leave it to a professional air duct cleaning service. There could already be too much dust up there, and they might spread all over the room.

It’s also important to keep your mind: If you’re planning on deep cleaning your entire house and having the air ducts cleaned, be sure it goes first so you can clean the rest of the house together with the dust that fell from the vents. Even if you’re not planning on deep cleaning, be to once the duct cleaning is done. 

Trash Bins

Even if you’re using plastic big trash bags, it’s still highly possible to have spillage. Those splodges can attract ants and flies, and contain germs that can make you and your family sick. Even trash emptied regularly produces millions of germs, depending on what kind of things you dispose of. The bin in the bathroom and kitchen surely has the most germs.

Door Handles

Can you even imagine how many times your doorknobs get touched every day? Door handles are the most touched spot in your home, the front door, and the bathroom door being the most popular ones. So you need to disinfect your door handles regularly to avoid germs from spreading around the house and members of the household.


Sure, you might wipe down the countertops in your bathroom and kitchen, but that’s not enough. Countertops are said to be one of the dirtiest spots in your house. Bathrooms have mostly fecal germs, and spillage from toothpaste, soaps, and water puddles. Especially if not wiped down right away, they will attract more bacteria. 

In the kitchen, food spillage is often done and it can leave sickening germs that might lead to food poisoning the next time you handle food. This is why it’s vital to disinfect every countertop and cabinet in these two rooms every day because they cause the most germs in the house.

While you’re already dusting and mopping the floors of your house, give these often-forgotten spots more attention. As you’re cleaning the countertops of your kitchen and bathroom, go ahead and brush off debris from the mouth of the faucet. Disinfecting every once in a while must be a priority.