Creating an Outdoor Movie Theater at Home

There are always good choices to make regarding what to do with your backyard. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area in your home, it can be whatever you like and however, you like it.

Renovating your backyard into a functioning living room costs you a lot of money, time, energy, like an outdoor kitchen or creating a proper garden. However, there’s always a way to use it lightly by creating a living space where you can watch a movie with your friends. This can be perfect if there is always someone hogging the television in the living room or if there is not enough space in your bedroom.

This is also perfect for introverts who are uncomfortable enough to see a movie in an actual movie theater. Or maybe you don’t like to leave the comforts of your home. Another great thing about creating your own backyard theater is it can be as easy as possible and inexpensive to set up.

Finding the right spot

Choose a perfect location for you to watch your movies. Whether you’re setting up in your garden or on your balcony, make sure you choose a ground where it’s dry and comfortable for everybody. Also, consider being sheltered enough to protect yourselves and your setup from the strong wind.

You can set up a portable screen in your backyard or on the exterior wall of the house. If you don’t have a portable screen that comes with a stand, a sheet is just as perfect, but be sure to remove the wrinkles and iron the sheet first. If yard space isn’t an option for you, there’s still away. You can try it in your driveway and against your garage door.

Preparing the sound system and video source

For the sound system, there are various options. You can use a computer speaker that you might already have and connect it to your laptop. If you don’t have that option, you can use a portable Bluetooth speaker, from which there are many available and affordable varieties to choose from.

For your viewing system, invest in a decent projector, which these days are already quite cheaper than before. The latest models are brighter and can be usable even with the lights on, therefore perfect to use outdoors. Plus, projectors these days are also quieter and more compact, so it’s more convenient and easy to carry.

Getting a movie source is much easier now more than ever. You can use any streaming service you choose, which you most likely already have on your laptop. Although, there is also nothing wrong with going a bit old school by using a DVD or a Blu-ray player.

Creating a comfortable place to sit

Making sure of a comfortable spot is important, of course. You use your already owned outdoor couch if you have one. If not, you can lay a groundsheet on the grass to protect yourself and your guests against moisture or rocks and stones. If you choose to set it up on the solid ground, you can use inflatable beds, outdoor upholstery, or rugs to make it comfortable. 

Ensure that everyone has a decent view of the screen and bring out pillows and blankets for a more inviting and comfortable living. An outdoor fire pit is also perfect for this kind of activity, especially on cold days.

Don’t forget to prepare snacks

Popcorn, chips, and cold beverages are always easy to prepare. There are different snacks you can prepare for your guests. If you want, you can also prepare an entire meal for your guests before watching a movie. It can be a barbecue fest or a pizza party

For your drinks, you can prepare a station where there are various beverages to choose from, such as soda, juices, and water. Also, prepare a bucket of ice in case somebody wants colder drinks.

Be sure to prepare enough for the right amount of people, so it’s important to plan to avoid lacking or leftovers.

Considering the neighbors

Of course, you don’t want to be a rude and inconsiderate neighbor, so it’s best to set up the volume at a moderate decibel, just enough for everyone to hear, depending on how many you are watching. Make sure you don’t scream to disturb the neighbors or anyone in the house or neighborhood. 

Creating your own movie theater can be a fun thing to do with your loved ones. Not only can you watch movies, but you can also have fun setting the place up and preparing the food you need for the occasion. Just be sure you pick the right time and location.