7 Tips for Improving Security on a Construction Site

On a construction site, there are various valuables worth protecting. Unfortunately, these sites are susceptible to vandalism thieves, and trespassers. Even the people working on the site pose various security concerns. Items like wiring tools, machinery, and other construction materials are the major targets. As such, it is vital to ensure site security to protect equipment and building materials. In this article, we have discussed a list of the thing you need to promote the security of your construction site to ensure it is safe from theft and vandalism. Check them out below.

1. Install an Access Control System

It is crucial to control the people who can access the site. Even without security guards at the entrance, you can be able to control the access by installing an access control system. Talk to Access Control Pros to help you install a system that controls who can access the site. Access control pros will help keep unauthorized personnel away from the site or certain areas. The system will also ensure no one accesses the site during the night when no work is going on.

2. Come Up with a Security Plan

Having a security plan that everyone can follow is vital. So, let everyone know they are responsible for the site’s security and provide ways of mitigating security issues. Develop a strategy to protect vulnerable valuables and areas. You may want to work with a security company to instill the plan. Additionally, let the workers know what to do in case of a security emergency.

3. Provide Enough Lighting

Darkness is a huge encouragement to thieves and vandalizes. If criminals can be able to sneak around without being seen, it is easy for them to do so. Therefore, improve the security of the site by installing enough lighting near entrances, dangerous areas, and close to machinery and valuables. It will be easy for security guards to spot thieves. It will also remove hiding spots.

4. Secure the Perimeter

Another way of keeping out criminals and trespassers is by securing the perimeter. Erect a strong fence and lockable gates to deter away criminals. Furthermore, it will help to keep track of the movements of people and assets when combined with a surveillance system.

5. Schedule for Deliveries

It is advisable not to have excess materials on site since this will only encourage thieves. Instead, ensure you have the things you need and schedule deliveries when you need them. It is easy to monitor the materials when they are in small quantities.

6. Lock Up the Valuables

Leaving materials and equipment lying around on the site will attract thieves and other criminals. Even if you cannot lock up machineries like bulldozers and cranes, you can reduce the potency of theft by locking up what you can. It will help to protect them from vandalism and theft.

7. Install a Surveillance System

Another significant way of promoting security n a construction site is by installing a surveillance system. CCTVs help to monitor the entire site and the valuables. You can know when an unauthorized person enters the site. Furthermore, should anything bad happen, you can look at the footage to know what happened.

The Bottom Line

These are crucial aspects you need in a construction site to promote security. Apart from employing security guards, ensure you have control of anyone accessing the site. Work with Access Control Pros to help you monitor every person leaving or entering the site.