5 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is a private space where you go to relax, take a bath and unwind for the day. Your bathroom should be a tidy and clean room, the final touches which make the bathroom an extra special place in all the little extra touches that you achieve through accessories, adding to the organization and aesthetic of the room.

If your bathroom needs a full revamp, there are bathroom fitters in Essex and surrounding areas that will make your vision a reality and will allow you to have even more fun picking out new accessories which will look even better in a sparkling new bathroom. Within this article, we will talk about the must-have accessories every bathroom needs and those which have a function not just to look good.

Statement Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall, the most wanted accessory of them all. No lavish bathroom is complete without a mirror whether it’s a small dainty mirror or an over-the-top statement piece. Each bathroom has a different theme or style, your mirror should match this. Choosing the design, shape, and size is very important. You could even have a mirror on a storage cabinet, this way you are getting the best of both worlds, meeting your storage needs while still keeping the aesthetic of the bathroom. In addition, fog-free mirrors are the ideal purchase for a mist free bathroom, designed to be a higher temperature than the room

Indoor Plants

There are many benefits to having plants in your bathroom past the aesthetic appeal, the plants absorb unwanted moisture, purify the air and have benefits on your mental and emotional health. Greenery in the bathroom creates a sense of tranquillity and nature while adding to the design of the room. There are many plants that are best for the bathroom, including the eucalyptus plant which is a moisture-loving plant that thrives the best in humidity making it perfect for this room. Also, the snake plant which is best known for removing toxins from the air and is very low maintenance which makes your life even easier. This accessory option may be the cheapest but most effective feature, available to shop in your local garden center.

Air Freshener

Bathrooms must be kept clean and there’s nothing better than a fresh-smelling bathroom, making it far more appealing. There are a variety of different air fresheners available, even those which automatically spray every so often, keeping the bathroom fresh even when you’re not there, perfect for those on the go and who don’t have time to blitz the bathroom every day.

A Toasty Heated Towel Rail

Perfect for the winter seasons, which there are plenty of in the UK. Heated towel rails are a must, keeping your towel warm and ready for you when exiting the shower, saves you shivering while you’re drying off. There are two options when it comes to these towel rails, most out plumbed into your heating system and act as your bathroom’s radiator or you can buy an electric rail for instant heat.

Natural Lighting

This is for those of you who are building a fresh new bathroom and can add windows where needed, natural lighting really can transform your room. Natural lighting can bring out the detail and design of the decorations within the bathroom, with this you must take into consideration the paint you use in the bathroom to maximize that natural light and use colors that reflect the light.

Matching Accessories

Overall, your bathroom is your private sanctuary, and decorating it with the right accessories is important to achieve the right design and feel of the room. We have spoken about a few options for final touches to the room some more expensive than others and some simple but effective. However, this will get you on the journey to creating your dream bathroom.Argos offer a wide range of bathroom accessories for whatever look you’re going for.