5 Awesome Decorating Ideas for Large Master Bedrooms

Good interior decoration is the basis for an excellent interior ambiance. The theme you decide for a particular space ends up setting the atmosphere of that same space. In any modern setup, decoration is the more crucial aspect of the layout.  

You can decide on the position of furniture, shades of curtains, and other decorative elements based on the chosen aesthetics of the room. For example, in a movie-styled Escape room breakout setting, the focus will be on adding movie-styled aspects into the room decorations. 

These days, the general trend of home décor is toward modern and sleek aesthetics coupled with a minimalist setup even with ample space. Now, when it comes to specific rooms or areas like a master bedroom, the interior game has to be perfect. A bedroom should be the most private and comfortable area of your house. It should fit the overall aesthetics of the house, but it should also include a personal touch.  

The room’s color scheme, lighting, bedroom furniture, curtains, and any other addition to your bedroom will be personalized to your needs and wants. But if you are lacking some inspiration, we are here to lend you a hand.  

5 Decorating Ideas for Large Master Bedrooms 

Here is a list of 5 large master bedroom decorating ideas to get you started. 

1. Decide on the placement of each bedroom element 

Deciding on the proper placement for each element of your bedroom is vital. First, avoid placing the furniture too close to your window or balcony. It will block the view and obstruct the free flow of air and natural light. Whether you believe in Feng Shui techniques or your jinxes, make sure you take into account the aesthetic of your house. It is advisable that you place the headboard of your bed against the main wall of the room. This will draw the focus on that part of the wall, especially if it’s in a central position. But avoid any walls that are connected to pipelines.  

Divide your large bedroom into functional sections- work, leisure, sleep, etc. You can provide a minimalist touch with a few necessary pieces of furniture spread all around the room. Add a touch of green to become more sustainable. 

2. Spread out the furniture and appliances in a large bedroom  

In a large bedroom, you can evenly spread the furniture and other appliances without cluttering the floor. Try a more minimalist angle so that the room does not look cramped. After making functional corners inside your bedroom, you can add separate furniture for each space, like- a work desk in a designated work space and a bed in the sleeping area. Go for modular fixtures in the bedroom. Try out modular sofas with a coffee table for workspace. Furnish a corner with a medium-sized bookcase and a vintage chair to bring out the flavor of the room. 

3. Improve your windows and door 

You can always improve on the décor of the windows and door of your master bedroom. You can choose to implement earthy sleek notes or pastels in your room and avoid dark tones. Dark tones tend to eat away at the natural light pouring out of the windows and the door. Use curtains of cool tone for this same reason. You can also use stained glasses for your windows to give them a pop of color. However, try to avoid cluttering up the space near your windows and definitely the door. 

4. Consider symmetry while decorating your bedroom 

Our minds are trained to find comfort in symmetrical objects. An asymmetrical interior, especially a space like a master bedroom, will provide you with the necessary comfort and peace of mind. Establish a visual focal point of the room and place the end there. Add symmetrical objects on both sides of the room. Try to settle on a particular size for most decorative items. Add album or movie posters to give a more personalized feel to the room. You can also increase the number of pillows in your bed. Preferably in counts of two.  

5. Make use of an open walkway 

A large master bedroom has infinite potential. If you have a balcony, then you should definitely try to open up a walkway leading towards the balcony. A spacious walkway is not only a sleek, modern aesthetic, but it also helps avoid overdone room decor. Try to keep furniture to a minimum near the walkway and immediately near your bed. The room will get more air and have a clean aesthetic. 


The way your home looks determines the way people view you. A good master bedroom décor is especially meant to be a reflection of your own self. You can try a lot of different things with a large master bedroom. The availability of space means a versatility of choice with regard to interior decoration. But this can be a daunting task for anyone. There are too many decisions to make. You must also make a creative addition to your home. But don’t worry. Try these 5 large master bedroom ideas to make your bedroom more appealing and comfortable.