11 Amazing Ways To Decorating Living Room Around A Navy Blue Sofa

When it comes to designing, the color blue has gone in and out of style over the years, but if you want a dreamy, peaceful interior palette, you can’t go wrong with it. Blue sofa living room ideas are great for gaining ideas, and because blue is such a flexible color, it will fit in any house style, from period buildings with opulently high ceilings to the coziest of rooms where deep, soothing blue may help draw us in.

Blue Velvet Sofa Types:

When it comes to sofas, there are a plethora of options available in terms of size, style, material, craftsmanship, and so on.

There are one-piece sofas, sectional sofas, lawson-style sofas, and others.

There are more styles than you can think, but there are three essential factors that determine the style of a sofa. Whether it’s a blue velvet sofa or not, these are the arms, back, legs or skirt.

And to decorate your living space with a navy blue sofa you must follow or implement these ideas.

Here we go:

1. Blue Sofa, Comfy and Casual

There’s something wonderfully soothing about a blue couch. An upholstered blue couch adds a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere to a room, making it ideal for informal settings and family-friendly homes. An upholstery blue sofa is a terrific alternative to lighter sofas because it is stain-resistant! When using an upholstery blue sofa, accessorizing with throws and pillows is even more crucial to break up the blue.

2. Combine With Orange

When choosing a color scheme for a blue sofa, consider pairing it with a vibrant, tangerine footstool. Orange and blue are contrasting colors that work extremely well together – they’re opposite each other on the color wheel. This bold color choice might not be for everyone, but they’re contrasting colors that work wonderfully well together. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a huge piece of furniture, a scattering of bright orange cushions will do the trick.

3. A Gray Sofa Complements Echo

Pale grays are a soothing contrast to dark blue. The blue velvet sofa is mirrored in this room by a warm-gray cotton variant in the same shape and style. The effect is finished with pebble gray walls, a large rug (again, bordered in blue), and a variety of cushions to avoid the room looking too matchy-matchy.

4. Create A Retro Atmosphere

Choosing mid century furniture in a mix of wood, leather, and metal will create an effortlessly fashionable retro-industrial environment. The designers centered the concept around a midcentury-style dark blue sofa in this living room, energizing the scheme with a fuchsia knitted blanket, patterned carpeting, and cushions. The brass lamps offer warmth and highlight the navy sofa’s richness.

5. Metallic Components Should Be Introduced

If you prefer a clever environment, royal or navy blue is the color for you, and you can add gold or brass accents to make it even more opulent. It’s simple to create a streamlined concept that’s vivid without being dominating, strong without being shouty, with anything from cushions and vases to glass-topped coffee tables and little gold splashes in a rug. It’s also worth noting that keeping the walls white will allow your sofa color to stand out and have the dramatic impact it deserves.

6. Make A Splash Of Color

Using various colors with your blue sofa doesn’t imply your living room won’t look well-thought-out and sophisticated. Make sure you have three or four colors and work them in with various tones of each. Perhaps the lilac-blue as it is the most prominent color, but lime-green, a brighter aqua blue, and a few tiny pieces of pastel pink can also work. To keep your interior feeling balanced, choose two colors that you’ll use the most, then add accents of the others.

7. Experiment With Primary Colors In The Paintbox

You might not have considered turquoise for your sofa — in fact, a deeper, darker blue is usually seen as a “safer bet” than this brilliant, jewel-like hue. But there’s no doubting the room’s bold, uplifting, and eye-catching atmosphere. The turquoise is blended with blocks of red, green, and yellow for a burst of excitement, but you could pair yours with a neutral rug and drapes for a more relaxed but still energizing vibe.

8. For A Vast Open Area, Use An L-shape

Why not use a modular design if you have a particularly large living room that you’re having trouble filling or an awkward-shaped room that you’re having trouble finding a sofa for? Being able to shift the sections of your sofa around to match your space allows you to customize it to the proportions of your room. It’s excellent if you move because you can simply repeat the process in your new living room. With no additional blue accents and a wide L-shaped blue velvet sofa against brick and concrete-effect walls, it rapidly becomes the star of the show.

9. Make It Captivating and Big

Allow your blue sofa to serve as the foundation for a color scheme that includes fiery colors of umber, sand, and terracotta, conveying the sensation of exotic locales. Choose a hand-woven or Berber rug that seems like it could have been purchased at a Moroccan souk, and ceramics that have an ethnic or hand-crafted feel. Finally, choose your furniture carefully — dark-hued woods like walnut or cherry wood are ideal for this style.

10. Blue Sofa With A Monochromatic Scheme

Punctuate an inky blue scheme with bold monochromatic accents to give your living space a manly vibe. The colors work together to create a modern, eccentric living room design that is sombre and elegant, from the wide black-and-white stripes on the wall behind the sofa to the black-colored shutters and shapely sofa legs.

11. With Teals And Greener Blue Tones

Teal blue is a deep and engulfing color that is never overbearing. It comes in a variety of tones and pairs nicely with both green and blue. Despite its warmth, it’s a color that can be dressed up or down; metallic components make it cool and polished, while little bursts of black or deep brown ground your scheme. It’s a remarkable mix that’s one-of-a-kind, sumptuous, and almost fanciful while remaining incredibly livable.